8 Yummy Wedding Desserts to Serve Instead of Cake

Tired of a traditional wedding cake? Try these 8 amazing wedding desserts that your guests will be wanting more and more of.

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  • S’more Bar

You don’t need a campfire when you have this do it yourself s’more bar; you’ll guests’ will love how easy and yummy it is!

Source: something2dance2.com

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  1. Donut Wall

Source: partyslate.com

Try the newest wedding dessert trend that will win over your guests’ heart; mix up the flavors for a wider selection of flavors.

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  1. Gelato/Ice Cream Bar

Perfect for any hot summer wedding, create this custom ice cream or gelato bar to cool your guests off.

Source: bridalmusings.com

  1. Macaroon Tower

Source: boards.weddingbee.com

  1. Pie Station

source: glacierparkweddings.com

Break out your family’s homemade pie recipe to create this yummy pie station that will make your guests feel at home.

  1. Cupcake Tower

Cupcakes are the next best alternative to any cake. Give your cupcake tower a makeover with flowers and decor that match your wedding!

source: cupcake-elegance.com.au

  1. Cookie Bar

You can’t go wrong with some homemade cookies! Try this affordable and delicious wedding dessert that will have your guests’ wanting more.

source: moncheribridals.com

  1. Cinnamon Roll Tower

Although it’s not your typical wedding dessert, this cinnamon roll tower will be an unexpected crowd pleaser for any wedding.

source: moncheribridals.com

Overwhelmed by plenty of choices and ideas? Our professional wedding planner team will guide you in realizing the best wedding dessert to serve on your big day. Feel free to contact our wedding planning team, and we will handle not just your wedding desserts, but every step of your wedding planning process.


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