Updating your wedding guests about your wedding details is one way of showing them you appreciate having them at your celebration. Surely, they will appreciate it if you have them well informed all about your wedding day. So the question is, what are certain details that your wedding guests should know? Check out this important wedding planning checklist for allowing your guests to get the best experience at your wedding.

Wedding Transportation and Parking

When planning a wedding, it is important to inform your wedding guests about the logistics and transportation. For instance, let them know ahead about the directions and parking information for your venue, etc. And if anything changes on the plan, update them immediately. So everyone can make the appropriate arrangements.


Another item on our wedding planning checklist is make sure to inform all your wedding guests about the room rates at your wedding venue. You can include this information on your invite, so everyone can make reservations beforehand. Having a larger guest list than the venue can accommodate? Include nearby hotel information for your guests to check them out.

Dress Code

Informing your wedding guest about the dress code is important. It is best to make sure to let them know about your wedding color and other necessary details a week before the wedding. 

Wedding Duties

If you give a specific wedding role to your guests, make sure to let them know all the details beforehand and remind them. For example, if they need to arrive at your venue earlier or to give a toast at the reception, let them know ahead so they will have plenty of time to prepare.

Cut-off Date for RSVPs

Informing and always reminding your wedding guests about RSVPs is very important, especially for your seating plan. Your invite should include a date that your guests should complete their RSVP by. 

Create Your Wedding Hashtag

Your guests will definitely take tons of pictures during your wedding. So if you want to be able to access their pictures any time in the future, think of a common hashtag for your wedding. Then, let them know ahead. Or even better, display it somewhere easily visible on your wedding day.

Wedding Agenda

If you are having other wedding-related events for your wedding like welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, or traditional ritual such as the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony and Door Game, be sure to let your guests know if they need to attend.