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Marriage means more than just a symbol of love for Chinese families. Through marriage, a close family tie between two families will be created. Thus, it maintains the smooth flow of their ancestral line. The matrimonial bed-setting ceremony is part of planning Chinese wedding traditions. It carries the purpose of shaping the future of the wedding couples and gives them luck in having many descendants. If you wish to learn more about the ceremony, such as its rules and taboos, our Chinese wedding planner has some tips to share with you.

Definition of Matrimonial Bed Setting Ceremony

The Chinese term for this ceremony is ‘An Chuang’. In this event, people spend effort and time to glam and set up the matrimonial bed for the big day. It symbolizes a blessing for the couple’s fertility to bear more children. The newlyweds will spend their first night in the bed set up during this ceremony.

The Time and Place for the Ceremony

The ceremony commonly takes place a week or three days before the big day. Of course, in deciding on the date and time, the bride and groom will refer to the lunar calendar’s good fortune. And the matrimonial bed will be set up either in the couple’s home or in their new home together.

Let’s Chat about planning Chinese wedding traditions 

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