When planning for a wedding, there are tons of things that the couple should understand first. Usually, the thing you thought you knew turns out to have a different meaning. And the most common thing that confuses wedding couples is the difference between a wedding planner vs. wedding designer vs. the wedding coordinator. So why not directly learn from professionals? Our Royce Wedding & Event planners would love to walk through the differences of each of those roles with you. 

What is a Wedding Planner?

The responsibility of a wedding planner revolves more around logistics. They carry the duty of removing uncertainties in planning your wedding. For instance, they do the task of referring vendors and negotiate contracts under your wedding plans. Thus, you can ensure that your wedding day will go smoothly. 


Wedding planners will carry the task of referring vendors which are essential for your wedding planning process. They will also do the duty of scheduling and attending every vendor meeting. After all necessities for vendors are all settled, the planner will create your wedding timeline and floor plans with complete details. They will also assist you in determining, as well as, managing your budget. 

In searching for your wedding venue, the wedding planner will be the one to attend the venue visit. Of course, that will also include menu tastings. Then, the designing process will proceed to incorporating your personal style in your wedding. The wedding planner will manage rehearsals for your wedding.

Finally, the last task for the wedding planner is to oversee that everything will go smoothly and according to plan on your big day!

When to hire a wedding planner?

  • You are running short in time to plan your upcoming wedding.
  • You are unsure or don’t even have the idea of how to plan your wedding.
  • You have the money to hire one.
  • You want to break out of the stress of wedding planning.
  • You are very busy. Thus, you have no time planning for your wedding.

What is a Wedding Designer or Wedding Stylist?

Unlike wedding planners who work alongside the bride, wedding designers’ responsibility is all about aesthetics. They are the ones to do the design for your wedding. Of course, that includes everything in the category. That includes consulting floor plans, lighting, floral, furniture, wedding attire, and linens. But their task is more than merely choosing floral and furniture. They use their artistic eyes and skills with the concept in mind about how to transform a blank canvas into a timeless wedding experience.


Wedding designers will create the wedding design concept for your wedding. They will guide you in choosing the best color palette for your event. And aside from sourcing special props and equipment to incorporate in your wedding design, they will also manage your decor budget and vendors. They will also accompany the venue visit to effectively develop a layout after and pinpoint if there are possible issues. After that, the wedding designer will create a floor plan with complete details. Lastly, it is the wedding designer’s task to make sure that all the elements for decoration are set in the wedding venue on the big day.

When to hire a wedding designer?

  • You are not good with creativity and designs. 
  • When you are planning for a specific or a personalized wedding theme.
  • You are in confusion and cannot decide due to the overwhelming wedding style ideas.
  • If wedding decoration is on your top priority for your wedding.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

Similar to wedding planners, wedding coordinators work on logistics. The only difference is that they work on a shorter duration than wedding planners. They are responsible for assisting wedding couples in preparing one month before the big day.  And on the wedding day, they act as the point persons. They will not be part of the earlier wedding planning process and budget tracking. They only work around the following responsibilities:

  • Confirm vendor contracts.
  • Creating day-of timeline
  • Ensuring that payments and wedding guest counts are in order.
  • Coordinating every aspect of the wedding day. 
  • Making sure that everyone is on schedule. 

Wedding coordinators are hired a month before the wedding day. Part of their duty is to ensure that all the plans and preparations that are done before they take over are still organized. When the task is already in the hands of wedding coordinators, they will then take care of loose ends, if there’s any. They can also tweak any details so you can enjoy your big day without worrying that something may be forgotten or in flaws. 


To have a grasp on the overall wedding plans, wedding coordinators usually meet up with you about 4 weeks prior to the big day. Then, they will follow up with your vendors to confirm all the logistics and review all the contracts signed. After that, they will create timelines and floor plans with complete details. As the big day is fast approaching, the wedding coordinator will complete a walk-through of the wedding ceremony and reception venue as a finalization, which could take place on the rehearsal day. 

Managing your wedding rehearsals is also part of the wedding coordinator’s task. And on the wedding day, wedding coordinators will be overseeing everything to ensure every detail is on point. They are also responsible for addressing overlooked details such as keeping in touch with the sound technicians on the wedding day.

When to hire a wedding coordinator?

  • You want to have time to stay organized. Wedding planners will cover all last-minute details for you.
  • You cannot afford a full-service wedding planner.
  • You want everything to be very organized and detail-oriented.

Wedding planner vs. wedding designer vs. the wedding coordinator may have different roles, but all are essential for the success of a wedding. Our team understands that choosing between them can be difficult. Therefore, we offer the option of a comprehensive wedding planning package that includes all of those roles. Feel free to contact our team for more information.