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The excitement that you feel when you’re engaged is overwhelming. Of course, you want to shout it to the whole world. So what are effective ways and proper etiquette of announcing your engagement? Below, our wedding planning team has prepared brilliant wedding planning tips on announcing your engagement news. Check it out!

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Who should know first?

Primarily, you can start your engagement announcement by informing those who are closest to you. 

Your parents

When informing parents about the engagement, the bride’s parents come first before the groom. If you can’t visit them together personally, you can do so via phone call.

Grandparents, siblings and relatives

You can announce your engagement to them all at once during family dinner or via phone call.

Your close friends

You can tell your friends about your engagement via phone call. Or, if you want, you can surprise them all at once.

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How to Announce Your Engagement?

Helpful Wedding Planning Tips on Announcing your Engagement | Wedding Proposal Venue

  • Casual Engagement Announcement: Wedding Website

Looking for companies offering easy-to-create personal websites is one of the informal ways to announce your engagement. After creating your site, inform and update your family and friends via email.

  • Formal Engagement Announcements

Announce the great news by going to stationery stores for beautiful cards. You can choose the wording of your message as long as it’s similar to your newspaper announcement. Also, make sure that all those who receive your engagement announcement will be invited to the wedding. Thus, they may not think that it is already the wedding invitation you gave them. 

  • Hosting an Engagement Party to announce the big news

It is an enjoyable way to announce your wedding. You can have fun and let everyone know the news all at once by having an engagement party. Also, in this way, asking for gifts will not be awkward.  

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