Elegant & Intimate Seaside Wedding in Pastel Palette

This Trump National Golf Club Seaside Wedding is overflowing with tradition and timeless elegance. The wedding is at her family home. And then, they enlist the help of Royce Weddings Planners and Designers to bring their vision to life. Furthermore, with a stunning neutral palette of whites,  cream, and ivory. Indeed, the reception was utterly magical, incorporating elegant gold interior details of the Trump National Golf Club. And also, dreamy centerpieces of varying heights. Bride says: “It was important to me that I not look back on my wedding photos in a decade and have regrets about choosing elements that are trendy, or of-the-moment.” soft candlelight, and cream & ivory color floral centerpieces illuminates the reception.

Every single facet of their wedding is perfect – both in detail and plan. From the ceremony design, which is glamorous in its gorgeous pink and blush blooms. It offers a slightly different style & feel from their reception. We are absolutely smitten with the images by Lin & Jirsa Photography!










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