Ideally situated at the heart of the remarkable Torrey Pines, the majestic Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa can amazingly stage your dream fairytale wedding. With our staff and catering team’s undivided attention, we excel in providing flawless services. Being rated as an AAA Four Diamond hotel, we love to plan weddings of all cultures, traditions, and heritage. Of course, it includes Jewish, Indian, Persian, Chinese Weddings, and more. And also, as a home for picturesque landscapes and facilities, the hotel features its 10 acres of superb garden. Not to mention its sunny Spanish-styled buildings and even an award-winning luxurious spa.

Do you love to have a restaurant with an aesthetic sight of superb gardens? Our team of wedding planners will provide you a list of venue selections at the Estancia La Jolla’s. All would be great for your wedding ceremony and reception. Thus, you can guarantee that you’ve made the best decision by planning a wedding at Estancia La Jolla Hotel.

Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa Wedding
The perfectly-manicured ground of The Woodland.
Source: Estancia La Jolla

Estancia La Jolla Wedding Preparations

Check with our experienced OC and San Diego Wedding Planner. Depending on your requirement, often time couple will be provided with two on-site dressing rooms. So as you wait for your big day, enjoy every moment with your bridal party with champagnes and love stories. 

Relax and get awestruck by the hotel’s Guest Room Balcony overlooking the property’s pristine grounds.
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Estancia Couples Session and Bridal Party Portraits

An exquisite capture of the hotel’s splendid Lobby Exterior.
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Estancia La Jolla hotel has tons of picture-perfect locations for your romantic Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa Wedding Photo ops. For instance, you can take advantage of the hotel’s vibrant gardens, green arches, impressive Spanish-styled structures, and unique towering cacti. Our Orange County and San Diego Wedding Coordinator together with our artistic photographer will guide you in coordinating your first look wedding shoots and couple’s session.

Have a quality time with your family and friends in the magnificent Estancia Pool Deck.
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Wedding Ceremony at Estancia La Jolla

Another feature that makes Estancia La Jolla hotel unrivaled when it comes to wonderfully hosting San Diego Southern California Weddings is its sweeping olive trees surrounding the magnificent Olive Lawn. Of course, blended with SoCal sunshine, the entire place radiates elegance and magical vibes. The place also prepares tons of cultural elements to suit weddings of all cultures. Moreover, this majestic place can accommodate up to 130 wedding guests.


The sought-after Olive Lawn for weddings and any other special events.
Source: Estancia La Jolla

Imagine the enchanting, desirable feeling as you exchange your vows in a romantic place amidst the sweeping view of olive trees and vibrant beds of blooming flora. With a size of 52′ x 32′ | 1,664 Square Feet, the place can accommodate up to 130 wedding guests for the ceremony and cocktail reception, or 90 banquet guests.


The lush Garden Courtyard framed by superb gardens.
Source: Estancia La Jolla

This stunning Garden Courtyard shelters a sunny Spanish-inspired structure beautified by 100 types of lush floras. Wedding Planning in San Diego California is best in this 28′ x 112′ | 3,136 Square Feet luxurious location where the bride can perfectly have her dream grand entrance. Accommodating up to 420 ceremony guests, 140 banquet guests, or 250 reception guests, this courtyard is further enhanced with two grand staircases, perfectly manicured lawns, and a picturesque fountain.

Have a great time in the cozy Mustangs and Burros Exterior.
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Wedding Reception Ballroom

For larger weddings, the La Jolla Ballroom holds up to 420 of your loved ones, complete with an outdoor patio perfect for cocktails, a photo booth, or custom seating arrangements.


Elegance is the what radiates from the majestic La Jolla Ballroom.
Source: Estancia La Jolla

If you are opting for a larger wedding, the Elegant La Jolla Ballroom provides a space of 104′ x 66′ | 6,864 Square Feet to accommodate up to 420 banquet guests or 700 cocktail reception guests. Besides, it’s sumptuous ornaments and furniture are perfectly blended with the room’s deluxe setting rich with natural light. So get awestruck by the romantic sight of the room’s walnut floors, wrought-iron chandeliers, and candelabras handcrafted by famous artists in town. So a cigar bar, photo booth, snacks, or outside lounge can perfectly take place at the venue’s adjacent patio and lawn.


Plan your grand special events in this gorgeous Grande Room.
Source: Estancia La Jolla

The grand palatial place of Estancia La Jolla hotel features its Grande Ballroom having brand new herringbone wood floors, modern golden accents, and opulent wrought-iron chandeliers capturing the impressive California Rancho. The room can also be used in pairs with the dashing Olive Lawn. Furthermore, customizable depending on your Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa Wedding color choice, this astounding Grande Ballroom can perfectly host dinners, cocktail hour, and dancing. And then, having the size of 60′ x 45′ | 2,680 Square Feet, the space can accommodate up to 130 wedding guests, 180 guests for a banquet, or 250 guests for a cocktail reception.


Experience mouthwatering menus from Adobe El Restaurante.
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The hotel’s stunning Adobe El Restaurante is also a brilliant choice to host your wedding. In fact, with its adequate size of 19′ x 66′ | 1,254 Square Feet, the place can perfectly accommodate 70 wedding guests for a cocktail reception or 60 banquet guests. And then, the place provides a lovely indoor dining place and open-air patio for cocktail hour.

Above all, our wedding planners and team at Royce Weddings are all excited to celebrate your big day!