Perfectly located at the base of San Gabriel Mountains, the pleasant and elegant setting of Altadena Town & Country Club is an ideal place for your grand Southern California Hollywood Wedding Venue. Dating back in 1910, the remarkable transformation of this placei s iconic. It is now full of picturesque landscape and facilities, from being an originally plain, craftsman-style bungalow. Currenly, it has become a home for timeless wedding and other events with its vast idyllic tennis courts, enchanting gardens, and crystal-clear swimming pools.  

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Wedding Planning for Couples Session at the Altadena Town and Country Club

Altadena Town and Country Club Wedding | Planner
Share intimate moments under the sweeping trees at Altadena Town and Country Club

Having an outdoor wedding at the perfectly manicured lawns of the venus is fun and satisfying. The serene and romantic ambiance of the lush green golf course – as the picture depicts, and other picturesque locations of the venue sets enhances everyone’s feelings for your very special day. It will also create a perfect backdrop for your Altadena Town and Country Club wedding photo ops.

Wedding Receptions at the Altadena Town and Country Club 

The club exclusively prepares a fabulous and splendid entryway for you and your vehicles to pass as you transport to the magical and majestic Foyer. Everyone can be lost in the amazing and relaxing feeling as they sink into the homey seats enchanted by the Cole Porter melodies played by the venue’s black baby grand. And beyond the Foyer’s double door behold its opulent Mendocino and the magnificent Victorian Rooms on the Foyer’s other side. Doing your wedding planning in Los Angeles here in Altadena Town and Country Club is a perfect decision. Our professional wedding planner can provide you with an endless of amazing setting options and decorations depending on your wedding party size. You can either choose to have both or one of the aforementioned wedding receptions.

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Altadena Town & Country Club | Reception Venues - Wedding Planner & Coordinator
A dreamy wedding reception ballroom prepared for a dreamy wedding celebration

The venue features its craftsman-style Mendocino Room that is enhanced with wood panel ceilings and big luxurious windows overlooking San Gabriel Mountains and the clubs perfectly manicured lawns. And if you like to have a more sophisticated wedding theme, the venue’s spectacular Victorian Room is an ideal place. It is embellished with light-toned hardwood floors, fancy fireplace, and the lovely bay window. You and your guests can also savor the refreshing scene of the outside from the club’s gorgeous terrace.

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Wedding Ceremonies at the Altadena Town and Country Club 

The club’s picturesque and idyllic settings and facilities are some of the reasons why it excels in hosting grand and elegant Los Angeles Pasadena Country Club weddings. For instance, the venue highlights its mesmerizing South Lawn. The place is an epitome of elegance and grandeur. It is an enclave amidst tall trees, stone benches, blankets of flowers, and a wonderful alcove. Such a magical place can marvelously stage your wedding. Everyone can relish on the lush greeneries and breathtaking view of the golf course and gardens. Not to mention that this astounding setting is only steps away from the Victorian Room wedding reception.

Altadena Town & Country Club Wedding
An exquisite ceremony lawn at Altadena Town and Country Club with lush, pristine backdrop

And as another splendid option for your wedding ceremony venue, the club offers its stunning Wedding Court. Surely, it is an awe-inspiring patio under the shades of tall pines with the frame of pristine, gorgeous lawns, romantic beds of roses, and lush green hedges. The club’s upper story provides a perfect high-angle view as the bride makes her grand entrance. And at the court’s south end trellis creates a perfect frame for your wedding. 

Altadena Country Club Wedding
Plan your romantic wedding ceremony with your loved ones here at Altadena’s gorgeous lawn

The club’s Terrace Room also stages the wedding couple’s coveted wedding reception. It features its enormous veranda that showcases the club’s well-decorated lawns. Moreover, the green canvas umbrellas blended with vibrant terracotta pots create a relaxing and superb vibe for your wedding. Nevertheless, whichever wedding ceremony setting you will choose would be perfect. Our Los Angeles Pasadena wedding planners & wedding coordinators would love to celebrate your wedding day.

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Wedding Planning for Night Time Photography at Altadena Town and Country Club

Your wedding day is not complete with the romantic night time photography. For this purpose, our Los Angeles Pasadena wedding Coordinator and photographer will guide you to the club’s picturesque locations. Take advantage of the wedding reception ballroom’s opulent interior, the gorgeous balcony, or the dramatic effects of taking pictures under the sweeping oak trees at twilight. Above all, our wedding planners and team at Royce Weddings are all looking forward to celebrating your wedding day!

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To learn more about planning your wedding at Altadena Town and Country Club, click here to schedule a complimentary consultation with our wedding planner team.

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