One of the interesting and fun parts of the Chinese Traditional Wedding is the Chinese Wedding Door Game. And our Los Angeles Chinese Wedding Planner team put together the following information and excited to share it with you.

From its Chinese term “Chuangmen”, this certain door game represents the idea that the bride is her family’s precious daughter. Thus, she is like a highly prized jewel that they will not let her go so easily. That is why a man who wishes to marry her will go through this test and pass it. Only then, will he be acknowledged as worthy of marrying their daughter. In this event, the groom will play a number of door games until he completes all the tests. This can be done as part of the procession or at the banquet.

Example of how the morning plays out:

  1. At 6 am, bridesmaids will arrive at the bride’s house. They’ll have a quick bite of food, then time for makeup, clothes, and hair.
  2. Next, at 8 am, they will prepare the games. They can hide shoes and block the doors. After that, relax for a little.
  3. Then, at 9 am, the groom and his party will arrive at the bride’s home. In that time, bridesmaids will demand for red envelopes as the groom’s entry. After entering the house, the girls will challenge them to perform funny dances and other rounds of door games. After that, the groom can finally enter the room where the bride is. His final task with his party will be to find the bride’s hidden shoes. By fulfilling the task, they officially complete the door game.
  4. Finally, at 10 am, the couple will do the ceremony at the bride’s house. After that, the groom can officially bring his bride and return home for the tea ceremony at his house.

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