Legion of Honor Museum

No matter how many times you behold the beauty of Legion of Honor, it’s magnificence will still take your breath away every single time. This majestic place full of picturesque landmarks and facilities is perfect for your dream Legion of Honor Museum wedding. Standing ideally at the peak of Lincoln Park, the venue proudly features its marvelous neoclassical building. Transforming your dream wedding into reality, our San Francisco Bay Area wedding coordinator will flawlessly coordinate your wedding. You can freely choose among the venue’s towering sunny architectures, impressive fine art, and captivating coastline sceneries.

The breathtaking aerial view showcasing the entire building of the Legion of Honor Museum.
Source: Legion of Honor Museum

Planning Wedding Ceremonies at Legion of Honor Museum

By working with our skilled San Francisco Bay Area wedding planner, we love to help you in the hotel’s exquisite location of your choice. Oftentimes, wedding ceremonies take place at the hotel’s astonishing Balustrade Lawn. It beholds the picture-perfect Golden Gate Bridge panorama, the horizon of Marin Headlands and the Pacific Ocean. But if you wish to have a grand wedding, the hotel offers its enormous and royal Court of Honor. This vast mesmerizing piazza features its gorgeous wraparound colonnade and the scenic view of sunrise and sunset. Sitting at the entryway, the venue also boasts the popular The Thinker sculpted by Auguste Rodin.

The dashing fountain in front of the Legion of Honor Museum building.
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Planning Wedding Receptions at Legion of Honor Museum

Rodin Galleries

The impressive Rodin Galleries perfect for weddings and other special events.
Source: Legion of Honor Museum

Doing your Wedding Planning in the San Francisco Bay Area here in the Legion of Honor is made even more worthwhile and satisfying by the place’s 70 impressive Rodin sculptures. These legendary masterpieces are sheltered under perfectly vaulted ceilings of three opulent adjacent galleries. Everyone can enjoy their cocktails and wedding celebration in these majestic places. Depending on your choice, you and your guest can also relish your food and drinks surrounded by the prodigious art collection of Rodin.

Terrace Level

The exquisite Terrace Level prepared for your special event.
Source: Legion of Honor Museum

Wherever you look, you can see nothing but the place’s splendid art. That is why it is a desirable and unique venue to plan your wedding at Legion of Honor Museum. At the lovely Terrace Level, everyone can enjoy their cocktails as they get surrounded by the enchanting atmosphere of treasures enhancing the grand Hall of Antiquities. Within the circling opulent pottery, sculpture, glass vessels, and metalwork, you and your guests can delightfully bond together. Not to mention that these antiques are made by great artists coming from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Ancient Near East. Before entering the adjoining Legion Café for dinner, everyone can first enjoy high-end champagne and hors d’oeuvres at the vast large bar.

Legion of Honor Museum Wedding
The captivating Palace of the Legion of Honor.
Source: SF Travel

Even before, this majestic Terrace Level has fulfilled numerous excellent and unrivaled Bay Area San Francisco Weddings. Also, included in the Terrace Level’s rental package is the Hall of Antiquities, Café, and Terrace patio.

The Legion Café possesses luxury art-accented walls and opulent windows and translucent doors that certainly stages any Legion of Honor Museum Wedding. Due to its enormous size, you can either use the entire room or only part of it if you are planning for a smaller, intimate event. Moreover, beyond its luxurious doors behold the iconic and pleasing Café Terrace. The venue’s dashing brickwork lawns, astonishing stone balustrade, and sweeping olive tree canopies are what frame this fascinating outdoor space.

Above all, our San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Planners & Wedding Coordinators at Royce Weddings are excited to host your wedding in our hotel’s beautiful Beaux-Arts place.