If you are looking for a sensational, elegant, and unique fairytale wedding, the majestic Rancho Las Lomas is certainly what you are looking for. Ideally situated amidst the lush rolling hills of South Orange County, the place is rich with fragrant orange groves and diverse blooming shrubberies. Get awestruck by the hacienda-style structures under the canopies of tall oak and sycamore trees. Also, you can enjoy strolling forward to the adjacent terracotta walkways and bridges.

The dazzling patio connected to the Grand Salon.
Photo Courtesy: Rancho Las Lomas

About Rancho Las Lomas

With an enormous size of 32-acres paradise, the splendid Rancho Las Lomas holds the best and most sought-after Orange County Wedding Venue in town. Feel the enchantment taking you to the fairytale land as you stroll across the pristine grounds savoring the sweet aroma of orange blossoms and lush high-end floral gardens. You can also enjoy the big fancy birdcages filled with diverse and bizarre tropical birds and animals.

The magical La Terraza idyllic for your romantic wedding and special events.
Photo Courtesy: Rancho Las Lomas

When you work with our professional Orange County Newport Beach & Irvine Wedding Planner, we would love to assist you at the popular Grand Salon. The facility is perfectly with its vibrant lights and a big cozy stone fireplace at the center. Any celebrations, especially weddings, are perfectly staged with its superbly blended white stucco walls, beamed ceiling, terracotta floor, and the lavish window wood frames. And to perfectly accommodate an indoor/outdoor wedding reception, an astounding patio is connected to this majestic Grand Salon. A dazzling patio with captivating blue-tile giving a gorgeous reflection of the pool.  

A distant capture showcasing an elegant set up for corporate events.
Photo Courtesy: Rancho Las Lomas

Wedding Venues at Rancho Las Lomas

For a smaller and more intimate Rancho Las Lomas Wedding, the ranch offers the aesthetic Casablanca-inspired Rick’s Café. It is an elegant four-level villa situated at the hillside near the Grand Salon Patio. The place is filled with a comfy oak bar, a lavish rough-hewn beamed ceiling. It also boasts its cozy fireplace and classic Victorian antiques where everyone can have a lovely place for bonding together.

A romantic wide shot of the timeless wedding ceremony at El Teatro outdoor patio.
Photo Courtesy: Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas Outdoor Wedding Venue

The ranch also boasts its newest outdoor terrace location named La Terraza. California Oaks and native cactus perfectly frames this luxurious cobblestone terrace. And we are happy to plan any special events giving you an enchanted dinner under the star-blanketed night sky. As a desirable location for exchanging vows, you can have your romantic bridal entrance at the top of the hill. Then your wedding guests will watch in awe as you dramatically descend the grand, rustic wood staircase taking everyone’s breath away. And to make the place even more romantic, brightly-lit candles nestle perfectly on the stairs. Thus, the entire place is full of picturesque facilities and landscapes creating a perfect background for your Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Photo ops. Our experienced Newport Beach & Irvine, Orange County Wedding Coordinator, and photographer will guide you in perfectly coordinating your first look and couple’s session.  

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding
Do you believe in fairy tales? Enjoy enchanting moments with everyone under the magical lights at El Teatro.
Photo Courtesy: Rancho Las Lomas

Wedding Ceremony at Rancho Las Lomas

The ranch’s extravagant Teatro is also a favorite place for wedding ceremonies. Furthermore, this outdoor theater has artistic enhancements. For instance, it has a lavish marble stage, brilliant stone patio, and dazzling fountains making the place perfect for every wedding planning in Orange County. Moreover, adjacent to the place, is the comfy Casa Bonita. As a perfect place for the bride’s wedding preparation, it prepares opulent full-length mirrors, a cozy fireplace, and an adorable makeup area and parlor.

As an existing paradise, Rancho Las Lomas is a home for flowering foliage and impressive hand-painted tile. Therefore, our wedding planners and team are all excited to celebrate your wedding day! So if you have any inquiries or questions, contact us here.