Want to have something different other than a plain book to collect messages from each guest on your wedding day? Here are some unique wedding guest book ideas that you might love. As you know, wedding guest books can be in many forms. And the following are exquisite wedding guest book ideas loved by our wedding designers, and we want to share them with you.

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You can have tons of wedding guest book options from these brilliant wedding design ideas that could perfectly match your wedding theme. Either you are opting for your guests’ signatures or well-wishes, you can get some unique guest book ideas from our wedding planners at Royce Weddings. You can have something different like asking them questions, future vacation ideas, or advice for tough marriage moments. 

Be inspired as our professional Los Angeles wedding planners are making efforts to help you have a clear vision of what you love. Have fun and enjoy every moment as you go through our customizable designs reflecting your relationship and nuptials.

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Typewriter Wedding Guest Book

You can have this classic yet unique wedding guest book idea where your wedding guests use a typewriter to leave their messages for you, the wedding couple.

Photo Courtesy: Martha Stewart Weddings @Bonnie Sen Photography

Couple Portrait Wedding Guest Book

A custom couple’s portrait where each wedding guest can sign around the couple’s printed picture.

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Puzzle Wedding Guest Book

This game-like guest book idea is enjoyable for everyone. Each wedding guest can sign on a piece of the puzzle.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Record Wedding Guest Book

This brilliant idea is perfect for an extraordinary wedding guest book, especially for music lovers out there. Your wedding guests can leave their messages or sign on the record.

Photo Courtesy: Martha Stewart Weddings @Anastasha Photography

Globe Wedding Guest Book

Your dear wedding guests can sign on this unique globe wedding guest book.

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Book Cards Wedding Guest Book

A library book-styled wedding guest book where your wedding guests can write their messages on the cards.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Bucket List Wedding Guest Book

A unique bucket list-style set up where you can ask your guests to write a note, a plan, or an adventure.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Hearts Wedding Guest Book

This wedding guest book idea is a romantic one where your wedding guests can sign on these perfectly-crafted little hearts.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Blocks Wedding Guest Book

Have a fun wedding guest book where your wedding guests can enjoy writing their messages or sign on the blocks.

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Mini Envelope Wedding Guest Book

Each wedding guest can write a message or letter for the newlyweds and then put it in the mini envelope. The bride and groom can then spend a lovely time reading each message from the envelope.

Photo Courtesy: Target

Postcards Wedding Guest Book

This travel-themed station is one of the exciting wedding guestbook ideas that use postcards of various locations that you wanted to visit as couples. In here, your wedding guests can write their top recommendations and put them in the mailbox prepared.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Illustrations Wedding Guest Book

This guest book idea can showcase each wedding guest’s creativity. They can write their messages using blank cards, colored pens, and pencils.

Photo Courtesy: Martha Stewart Weddings @Kirsten Ellis

Corks Wedding Guest Book

This one is perfect for a unique wedding guest book. Wine-lovers will surely love this idea where wedding guests can sign on the given wine corks. Lovely, isn’t it?

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Map Wedding Guest Book

This idea is also an awesome option for a travel-themed wedding guest book. Your wedding guests can write their messages on the custom-made map.

Photo Courtesy: Etsy

Canvas Wedding Guest Book

Wedding guests can write their sentiments on the canvas using colored pens. The couple can then hang the board in their home.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon

Silhouettes Wedding Guest Book

Using silhouettes that represent you as a wedding couple is also a unique way of customizing your wedding guest book. Your wedding guests can write their messages on your lovely silhouettes.

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Whatever design you decided to choose for your wedding guest book, our Irvine Orange County wedding planners and team are delighted to share ideas with you.

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