On the exterior of Los Angeles, having an adventurous trip on the long winding roads leads you to the elegant Terranea Resort of Palos Verdes Peninsula. Ideally nestled over a high bluff, the venue showcases a perfect high-angle view of the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Surely, with its pristine gardens and perfectly manicured lawns, the resort is a sought-after place for grand and elegant Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles Weddings. Furthermore, with an enormous size of 102 acres, this Mediterranean-inspired place is brilliantly enhanced with beautiful archways, well-decorated tile flooring, and captivating Pacific Ocean vistas.

Terranea Resort Wedding Venue
A beautiful wide shot of the oceanside Terranea Resort.
Source: Terranea Resort

About Terranea Resort

Whether you are looking for a large grand wedding venue or a smaller, intimate one, the majestic Terranea hotel provides you tons of exquisite location options. Do you love the romantic feel of exchanging your vows before the dazzling view of the ocean and the relaxing sound of the waves? The hotel’s gorgeous Ocean Lawn is what you are looking for! Going to the beach, get awestruck by its beautiful flower-lined path. Everyone can also enjoy the rest of the day as well as hitting the dancefloor at the hotel’s splendid ballrooms.   

The lush green Links of Terranea Resort.
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Wedding Preparation at Terranea Resort

The luxurious Terranea Hotel prepares its best warm-colored and comfy suite for you and your wedding party to relax, prepare, and have a quality time while anticipating your big day. And when you work with our experienced Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding Planner, you and your out-of-town wedding guests can rent rooms close to the venue to avoid the hassles of traveling on your wedding day.

Timeless Wedding Preparation at Terranea Resort

Couple’s Session at Terranea Resort

Your precious Terranea Resort Los Angeles Wedding should never skip the romantic couple’s session. Of course, by expressing your love through romantic and intimate photographs, you are adequately provided with the best iconic spots. Furthermore, you can even have your dramatic couple’s session taken in front of the glistening view of the ocean.

Romantic Golden Hour Couple Session at Terranea Resort

Bridal Party Shots at Terranea Resort

With our full services, every aspect of your wedding is well-organized. Then, picturesque locations are prepared to make a dramatic background perfect for your lovely Terranea Resort Wedding Photo ops with your bridal party. You can also take advantage of taking pictures with the pristine, relaxing view of the sparkling ocean as a backdrop.

The superb Spa Pool at dusk.
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First Look at Terranea Resort

As a home for picturesque and perfectly manicured lawns and landscapes, our professional Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding Coordinator and photographer will guide you to every picture-perfect setting. It is to make sure you have the best First Look on your wedding day. You can also take advantage of the place’s elevated setting overlooking the dashing city vistas.

Wedding Ceremonies at Terranea Resort

Imagine having your wedding ceremony at an extremely enchanting and relaxingly breezy setting overlooking the breathtaking Pacific Ocean scene. Thus, savor every loving moment as you walk down the flower petal-covered aisle or a romantic path lined with opulent white draperies and alluring flower blooms. 

Beautiful Terranea Resort Wedding Ceremony by the Sea
Terranea Resort Wedding Ceremony Design
Exchanging of Vows at Terranea Resort with Ocean View

Wedding Receptions at Terranea Resort

Being an idyllic place full of iconic views, landscapes, and facilities, this wonderful seaside Terranea is patronized by various films and TV shows. In detail, this amazing place radiates refreshing and eye-warming sights as it reflects native greeneries and ecology. Then, after your wedding, everyone can continue the fun and adventure on the enormous Terranea grounds. One of our favorite places for oceanfront outdoor wedding planning in Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles is Catalina Point. The place features its amazing hilltop trellis, vast well-manicured lawns, and awe-inspiring sceneries. You can also enjoy the picturesque Palos Verdes Meadows for your en grande wedding. The place boasts its remarkable Point Vicente lighthouse scene, breathtaking horizons, and vibrant sunset.

Wedding Reception Glamour at Terranea Resort
Gorgeous Wedding Reception Tablescape at Terreanea Resort

The interior of the palatial seven-story Terranea center complex is full of luxurious ballrooms with varying characteristics that would perfectly fit your dream wedding and any other events. We also love to plan weddings of all cultures, including Jewish Weddings, Indian Weddings, Persian Weddings, Chinese Weddings, and more. For instance, the customizable lavish ballroom options include the Catalina Ballroom, Marineland Ballroom, and Palos Verdes Grand Ballroom. And then, each location beholds the hotel’s aesthetic balconies, indoor to outdoor fun and entertainment. Aside from flawless services, the hotel’s 6th floor features luxurious suites with fabulous balconies overlooking the ocean. The second floor is occupied by opulent Point Rooms with adjacent Mediterranean-styled Point Terrace and Lawn. Everyone can relish the vibrant celebration amidst the superb gardens and seascape. You will certainly have the best experience by planning a wedding at Terranea Resort in Los Angeles. 


Certainly, every wedding is full of elegance and fun here at Palos Verdes Grand Ballroom with its perfect combination of modern and classic patterns and styles. In fact, the exterior features the lively dancefloor of the pleasant west-facing Palos Verdes Terrace.

Dreamy Wedding Reception at Catalina Ballroom, Terranea Resort
Intimate Wedding Dinner at Catalina Ballroom, Terranea Resort
Wedding Dessert Display at Catalina Ballroom, Terranea Resort

As a high-end wedding reception venue, The Catalina Room accommodates up to 220 seated wedding guests. And also, the place boasts its sumptuous window walls and an exclusive open-air terrace, and pristine ground.


Accommodating up to 900 wedding guests, this astonishing Marineland Ballroom is embellished with brilliant chandeliers and a perfect blend of yellow and gold shades, perfectly mirroring the gorgeous Palos Verdes Peninsula.

The majestic Rocky Point overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
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The enormous Palos Verdes Grand Ballroom.
Source: Terranea Resort

As a beautiful and joyous place as it is, our fabulous Terranea is a perfect spot for your honeymoon. Everyone can also choose to stay for a few more days since the place warmly accommodates everyone with opulent, cozy guest rooms and suites, casitas, and villas.

Proposals at Terranea

The astounding Mar’sel Patio.
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Terranea Resort Wedding
The breathtaking Terranea Resort at sunrise.
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Finally, what is more convenient is that the resort provides world-class amenities for guests. Their weddings and event menus are also customizable to fit your taste. Of course, our team will ensure that every detail of your wedding is flawlessly seamed. Above all, our professional wedding planners and team at Royce Weddings are looking forward to celebrating your wedding day!