This timeless Terranea Resort outdoor wedding left us in awe! From the beachfront setting to the elegant florals and details, every aspect is gorgeous. The shades of burgundy and pastel elevated the overall glam of the celebration. Working with the lovely couple, we bring their wedding vision of a whimsical wedding overlooking the dazzling ocean to life. Stunning wedding florals and centerpieces in stylish arrangements adorn this wedding wonderland. We always love how the couple highlighted the guests’ convenience and satisfaction from the wedding planning process up to the end of this remarkable Terranea Resort outdoor wedding. They did their best and work with us to create an exquisite and unforgettable experience for all their guests.

A big day full of dreamy florals and luxury details is exactly what is in store for the couple’s wedding. Then, they kick off their romantic wedding reception at the Catalina Ballroom. The warm ambiance lighting shines through the gorgeous ballroom illuminating every romantic and fun reception moment of this special day. Furthermore, the wedding reception is gorgeous in its pastel and burgundy shades, stunning florals, and centerpieces that we couldn’t help but stare at in delight. It is indeed, one of our favorite wedding moments.

Oceanfront Wedding Venue Spotlight - Terranea Resort
Terranea Resort Rancho Palos Verdes Wedding
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