Another challenging part of the wedding is the receiving and collecting of gifts. Wedding couples prefer to receive their gifts before or after the wedding, But several wedding guests will inevitably bring tons of wedding gifts to the wedding reception. And then, they end up wandering around and confuse about where to put them. And for that matter, our wedding planners love to share some best approaches with you, so you can also collect wedding gifts on your wedding day in an organized manner!

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Steps in Properly Collecting Wedding Day Gifts

  • Plan and assign a person to do the task of collecting the wedding gifts. Without someone in charge, it will be a mess since gifts and cards will likely get lost or stolen.
  • Prepare a separate room for the gifts and cards instead of just having a box for a gift table. Then assign one person in charge to take the wedding gifts from the wedding guests into the room.
  • If your wedding venue provides a safe room for your belongings, that will be good to use. But if not, you can ask if they have a safe room or office to offer to store your wedding gifts. Or even coat check your gifts.
  • Assign a family member to collect and store your wedding gifts and cards for you.
  • Before the wedding ceremony, ask the person as the wedding gifts keeper to collect all the guests’ gifts and cards as they arrive and store them in the room you prepare.
  • If any of the guests directly hand the wedding cards to you or your partner, kindly refer them to your wedding gifts keeper.
  • For the gift keeper, it is efficient to place all wedding cards in a single bag then place it in another bag which is larger and close. By doing so, the cards are well-consolidated in the end.

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Following the steps above can help you collect your wedding gifts with minimum confusion or hassles.

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