Reflecting Hollywood brilliance, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles can, without a doubt, successfully stage your classy and elegant wedding. It has more than 90 years of successful experience in planning superb weddings and several different events. For decades, this iconic and legendary site has been patronized by well-known celebrities and presidents.  The hotel’s magnificent Crystal Ballroom has even hosted early Academy Awards ceremonies. Therefore, you and your guests can get awestruck by the intricate embellishments of the entrance, the majestic historical ballroom, and the hall’s captivating frescoes and gilded adornments. Furthermore, the wedding reception ballroom’s second-floor balcony gives a perfect high-angle view as you make your grand fairytale entrance under the shining crystal chandeliers.  

Everything is extravagant and awe-inspiring here at the Millennium’s Galeria.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

About the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Do you love to have your grand wedding listed in the history of Los Angeles? Millennium Biltmore Hotel is the easiest way to grant your wish. Way back 1923 – the hotel’s opening in Los Angeles, it has been the largest hotel that existed in West Chicago. And as proof of its magnificence, this 11-story, thick-steeled, and concrete building occupied half of the city’s block. With the hotel’s ideal location in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Pershing Square, it creates a perfect astounding backdrop for each of your Millennium Biltmore Hotel Wedding photography. It features its sumptuous interior designs with artistic hand-crafted ceiling murals. Structured as a recognition of the Los Angeles Castilian heritage, the Millennium Biltmore is a home for a splendid blend of Spanish-Italian Renaissance Revival, Mediterranean Revival, with the touch of Beaux-Arts design. 

Millennium Biltmore Hotel Wedding
A perfect shot showcasing intricate designs and luxury of the hotel’s Galeria.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

Wedding Party at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

In the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, you can see nothing but magnificence and grandeur. The hotel’s numerous picture-perfect sceneries create a unique and astonishing background for your special wedding day pictures. You can do your celebrity-like pose under the hotel’s shining Austrian crystal chandeliers, impressive ceilings made of wooden beams, or the famous grand bronze stairwell. You can also grab the opportunity to take pictures beside the classic designed tapestries, or before the well-crafted marble fountains.

This legendary hotel equally welcomes weddings of all cultures, heritage, and traditions. Being established for nearly a century, the Millennium hotel is rich in experience of gloriously staging weddings in different cultures. We have tons of splendid ways to host your Jewish Wedding at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. And if you are of Indian heritage, don’t ever hesitate to approach us since we love to host your grand Indian Wedding at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. No matter what heritage, culture, faith, and tradition are you in, our wedding planner experts can assist you in planning your wedding here in the Millennium Hotel.

Couple Session at Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

By choosing Millennium Biltmore Hotel as your opulent Southern California Hotel Wedding Venue, every part of your wedding is perfect. You can even have a great time to escape from the crowd for a while and spend romantic moments for your couple’s session in such a magical and stunning place.

Wedding Ceremony at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Having Millennium Biltmore Hotel as a place to do your Wedding Planning in Los Angeles gives you tons of benefits. Being rich with elegant, royal, luxurious, and dashing places that you can choose from, the fulfillment of your dream grand wedding is surely within your grasps. For instance, the hotel boasts its classy split-level Gold Room that screams luxury and elegance. The room is embellished and built with nothing but luxury. Its walls are of lavish wood panels, the ceilings are cast with gold plasters, and the 3 sides of the room boasts its impressive arching mirror windows. Not to mention its dazzling rounded faux-travertine columns and brilliant bronze crystalized chandeliers.

Imagine exchanging vows in such a romantic and elegant place.  It has even been a dinner place of VIPs that includes nobles and celebrities. In fact, during Prohibition Days, the hotel is known for having its secret liquor compartment and ceiling tiles that the press can use to capture private pictures of events. And also, aside from having a splendid venue for your wedding, our professional wedding coordinator and wedding team will ensure that you will have the best wedding experience.

Wedding Reception at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Having the most competent, creative, and knowledgeable Southern California Los Angeles Wedding Planner is what takes you several steps closer to your dream wedding. And it was well-complemented and blended with the hotel’s otherworldly unique locations. It has several mesmerizing and sumptuous reception options that you can choose from.

Emerald Room

The elegant Emerald room with its nature-inspired ceilings and opulent chandeliers.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

In the Emerald Room, you can enjoy every moment of your wedding under the gorgeous 24-foot high plaster ceiling beautified by captivating handcraft nature paintings. This enormous 5,454 square-foot room can accommodate up to 350 guests. Being the hotel’s original place for dinner, it highlights its rounded faux-travertine columns and its dashing crystalized chandeliers.

Gold Room

The majestic Gold Room bathed with luxury and splendor.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

This opulent split-level wedding reception ballroom boasts its 29-foot high and 5,940 square feet size – including the lower level area. Given its enormous size, it can accommodate up to 350 guests. You and your wedding guests can dine and dance the night away under the enchanting crystal chandeliers, ceilings full of gold, and impressive walls polished with wooden panels.

Crystal Ballroom

The legendary Crystal Ballroom that has been sought-after for ages.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

The Ballroom’s classic theme perfectly blended contemporary patterns can stage your wedding reception. This 30-foot curved ceilings and 6,300 square-foot room can accommodate up to 800 guests. Certainly, everything in this room screams luxury, sophistication, and fashion. Dating back to that Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ founding banquet, this place has been marked as “the birthplace of Oscar” since the Oscar figurine has been drawn on a Biltmore napkin. Moreover, the room features its hand-painted fresco that the Italian artist John Smeraldi and his associates spent seven months painting in the year 1922. Crystal Ballroom is shining with its handcrafted marble columns, astonishing veranda, its shimmering Austrian crystal chandeliers.

Tiffany Room

Plan your special event here at the classic yet elegant Tiffany Room.
Source: Millennium Biltmore Hotel

You can also have your wedding reception at the classic, elegant Tiffany Room where you can relish upon the eye-fulfilling beauty of the ancient Californian explorer sculptures. This intimate elegant room is a pre-function hall adjoining the Crystal Ballroom. And aside from the alluring statues along the room’s north wall, it also boasts its curved wooden ceilings and well-refined entablature.

Without a doubt, Millenium Biltmore hosts unrivaled and splendid Hotel Weddings in Los Angeles, Southern California. Above all, our wedding planners and team are looking forward to celebrating your big day! So if you have any inquiries or questions, let us know here.