Dreaming of a picturesque, serene, yet enchanting wedding setting in Los Angeles? You will be spoiled with numerous spectacular Mission Inn Riverside fairytale wedding venues to choose from. Hence, you’re sure to find the dream wedding you’ve been looking for. So with just a few clicks, you are already one step closer to your special day.

The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa Riverside CA Wedding Venue
A perfect capture showcasing Mission Inn’s magnificence and impressive architecture
A Stunning Wedding at The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa
Classic wide shot of Mission Inn’s architectural design

 About Mission Inn Riverside Weddings

The Mission Inn’s stunning architecture blended with European charm. And that’s what makes it a perfect and magnificent place for weddings and events. Whether you are planning for grand wedding showers, intimate gatherings, or rehearsals, we can flawlessly fulfill and serve all your needs. The hotel has more than a century of experience successfully hosting countless weddings and events. Thus, you can guarantee that our experienced Los Angeles wedding planner will provide you with undivided attention and exemplary results. This legendary place has been patronized by Hollywood stars, US Presidents, family generations, and those who are looking for an elegant and superb place for their celebration. Thus, you can 100% assure that the inn will prepare a luxurious and astounding place for your wedding and honeymoon.

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Mission Inn Hotel and Spa - Wedding Planner
Mission Inn’s iconic bell tower entrance filled with lush greeneries and blooms

With plenty of idyllic and fascinating locations, the inn’s wedding venues seem amazingly surreal. And if you are looking for an elegant Los Angeles chapel wedding venue, being the only one with on-site chapels, the hotel offers dozens of exquisite reception venues. With its captivating Spanish Mission architecture mixed with European charm, infusing romance and splendor into every moment of your wedding is an easy task for such an experienced hotel. This magical place fits your glorious fairytale wedding.

Mission Inn: a top contender for wedding venue | Wedding, Dream  wedding, Wedding Plan
Beautiful capture of Mission Inn’s architectural details and fountain

The iconic bell-tower entrance makes a lovely portal to the world of everlasting romance. Whenever you turn and look, you will see nothing but beauty and glamor. Moreover, it highlights the breathtaking beauty of fountains, statues, carved pillars, balconies, spiral staircases, gardens, and unrivaled majestic event venues.

Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Ceremony

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa - Venue - Riverside, CA - Wedding Ceremony
The majestic St. Francis of Assisi Chapel perfect for your wedding ceremony

You can rest assured that in every aspect of your Mission Inn Riverside wedding, you have our competent and best-skilled wedding coordinator for your wedding at Mission Inn. Ceremonies are held at the bewitching St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. The place boasts its perfectly adorned seven jewel-stoned Tiffany stained-glass windows, even more, beautified by the place’s shimmering 18-karat gold-leafed altar that dates back to the mid-1700s. What’s more magical to see is the grand entrance the bride will make as she walks down the aisle, showered by the warm sunlight streaming through the chapel’s huge wooden doors. For over a century, the hotel has excelled at staging the best and most remarkable chapel weddings in Los Angeles.

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Mission Inn Riverside Wedding - Chinese Wedding Planner
Elegant wedding ceremony at Mission Inn

The hotel also offers two courtyards that are also available for outdoor weddings. As you wander across the hotel’s perfectly manicured grounds, you’ll discover its astonishing hidden gardens and patios, superb staircases, and splendid domes and towers. You can also have the opportunity to behold its awe-inspiring, world-class art collection. And the hotel’s lavish decoration and adornments create the ideal setting for your big day and perfect backgrounds for your Mission Inn wedding photography.

Mission Inn Riverside Wedding Reception


If you are planning to have a big-en-grande wedding, the large reception will be in the hotel’s classy Grand Parisian Ballroom. This place bears a resemblance to an Old World castle baronial hall. Its deluxe features include the lovely damask draperies that frame the stained-glass windows of the room. It also boasts custom-woven wool carpets inspired by the French Aubusson rugs that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Embrace the enchanting feeling as you celebrate your big day with your loved ones under the room’s eight spectacular crystal chandeliers. Thus, Mission Inn is the perfect place to hold your unique castle-like wedding venue in Southern California, Los Angeles.


This elegant venue can accommodate up to 150 guests. It deeply highlights its majestic marble staircase with wrought iron, complemented by the room’s ceiling, which is artistically draped in a gilded canopy ambiance that engulfs the room with luxury and elegance. And this Spanish Art Gallery’s royal gold-palette 17th-century European design radiates a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere. Nothing beats the magical moment of dancing and dining with your loved ones under the engrossing art collection.


Mission Inn Riverside Wedding
The famous Galleria desirable for unique events
The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa | Reception Venue - Wedding Planner
Fairytale-inspired wedding cake and sweets display
The Mission Inn
Charming sweetheart table filled gorgeous blooms
Historic Mission Inn Riverside Wedding - Los Angeles  Wedding Planner
Wedding reception tablescape glam

This romantic venue, perfect for intimate weddings, can accommodate up to 120 to 170 guests. It settles perfectly beside the charming St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. Since it was originally established as an art gallery and museum, the place is classically polished with antique statues and a Tiffany stained-glass window.


If you are planning to have an intimate wedding celebration, the romantic Santa Barbara Room is a perfect choice. The room’s traditional wrought-iron and glass light fixtures radiate a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Then, sheer drapes perfectly diffuse light from tall windows. So it gives you unobstructed views of the stunning interior courtyard of the hotel and the Oriental Court.

The hotel’s dedicated staff can help you realize your dream wedding and transform it into reality. Besides, it is the hotel’s mission to give you the best and most unforgettable Southern California hotel wedding experience that everyone envies. Thus, our wedding planners and wedding team at Royce Weddings are excited to celebrate your special day!

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