Having an oceanfront wedding is spectacular. The serene and calm rural wedding is definitely alluring. But do you want something extremely unique and remarkable? Discover more about having a grand Mount Palomar Winery Wedding. 

Imagine exchanging vows on a majestic place full of vines with mouth-watering grapes and invigorating wine aromas. Desirable, indeed! Located in Temecula Valley – the wine country of Southern California, the refreshing Mount Palomar Winery provides tons of picturesque vineyards and facilities.

About Mount Palomar Winery

Since 1969, the venue is considered one of the oldest wineries in town. And oh, the place offers endless fun and adventure, especially the fact that Temecula shelters the wonderful Pechanga Resort & Casino. Surely, your out-of-town guests can have quality time in this entertainment spot as well as the wine tastings activities. Moreover, you can also enjoy visiting the gorgeous downtown of Temecula and its sunny classic architecture and shopping spots. The place is also full of magnificent high-end hotels. For instance, Ponte Vineyard Inn, South Coast Winery Resort & Spa, and Carter Estate Winery and Resort. Thus, Mount Palomar Winery is an unrivaled idyllic place to host San Diego Southern California Weddings.

Beautifying the well-renowned Wine Trail of Temecula, the place is perfectly polished with grand iron gates. And it is complemented by the superb driveway with lines of Italian cypress. The scene’s Mediterranean countryside vibe is so refreshing and pleasant. Get awestruck by the classic, human-size mythical Gods statues and maidens. Not to mention the venue’s lush vineyards occupying 50+ acres of its 300-acre land. You and your guests can also benefit from the venue’s multi-tiered guest areas of tasting rooms, picnic areas, delectable restaurants, and many more. The place also prepares a superb hillside ideal for weddings and special events.

Wedding Planning your Wedding Prep at Mount Palomar Winery 

When planning your wedding prep at Mount Palomar Winery, we suggest looking into a rental house nearby and check-in before your wedding. Doing so allows your guests and yourself as a wedding couple to enjoy the beauty of Temecula a day or two in advance and truly relax before your wedding day.  

Planning Your Wedding Ceremony at Mount Palomar Winery

Choosing the venue for your wedding planning in OC Southern California, you can guarantee to have the best wedding experience. The Mount Palomar Winery boasts its exquisite La Bella Vista for your wedding ceremony. The idyllic location of the place provides a high angle view of the entire Temecula Valley and the captivating view of mountains. After the ceremony, everyone can toast at the venue’s long bar with lush green lawns as your background.

Planning Your Wedding Reception at Mount Palomar Winery

You can take advantage of the venue’s expansive outdoor reception area complemented with the lush Vista Del Valle and astounding stone floor of Piazza di Arbole. You can also spend some relaxing time wandering around the place’s iconic, vine-covered arbor. The reception’s perfectly manicured grounds include a vibrant-blooming bed of roses, fragrant herbs, and the juicy grapes. The grand fountain is embellished with opulent sculptures and statuary. The place has tons of picture-perfect locations as a backdrop for your Mount Palomar Winery Wedding Photo ops. For your wedding portraits and couple’s session, our Orange County and San Diego Wedding Coordinator and photographer will guide you to coordinate your perfect wedding photography. Dramatic and romantic shots can be captured with the grand staircase leading down the entryway.

One of the desirable things about planning a wedding in Mount Palomar Winery is having full attention and flawless services. And that is because your wedding will be the only wedding in the area for that day. Furthermore, if the weather condition is not good or the wedding revelry seems far from winding down yet, you can always transfer the bacchanal to the venue’s Barrel Room.

By any chance, if you are looking for a perfect OC and SD Wedding Planner for cultural weddings like Jewish Weddings, Indian Weddings, Chinese Weddings, and more, we love to plan and celebrate weddings of all cultures, traditions, and heritage. You can embrace magical moments of your wedding under the bright crystal chandeliers, perfectly draped ceilings, and glowing lights engraved in stacked barrels.

Wedding planning at Mount Palomar Winery

Moreover, Mount Palomar Winery is not only good with services and sceneries, but it also excels when it comes to cuisines and wines. Our experienced and best-skilled culinary team will provide customizable services to suit your preferred wedding menu. You will have a long list of reds, whites, and dessert wines options to select from. Oh, you can even have exclusive tasting during your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. It will take place at the pavilion restaurant. Above all, our professional wedding planners and team at Royce Weddings are all excited to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime wedding day!