The stress of a wedding plan comes shortly after the excitement from the engagement ends. Wedding planning can feel really overwhelming and this is why ensuring both the bride and groom are a part of the wedding planning process is so important. Being there for each other not just emotionally but also physically and planning together will make a world of difference. 

It is a common misconception that the bride plans the whole wedding on their own. Maybe some brides do and that is their preference and that is definitely okay, however, it should not be assumed that the groom doesn’t help. It’s preferred that they do. The groom should be just as involved in the process as the bride. There are most things that should be done together, however there are plenty of things that the groom can take the reins on to help with the wedding planning load.

Groomsmen Party Favors

One of the most important aspects of wedding planning that may commonly be overlooked are the wedding party favors. These are sometimes forgotten about because it may not seem like a big deal, however it should be treated as such. The people in your wedding party are those closest to you, those that mean the most to you. These people shouldn’t be forgotten about. Ensuring you get them a meaningful gift is important. You want to ensure you show them how much they do mean to you. Groomsmen gifts are an aspect of the planning process that the groom can take over. As he should, honestly. 

You want the gifts to be personal and you can’t get that if you don’t pick them out yourself. There are 300+ groomsmen gift ideas that we are sure they will love on Groomsmen Gift Source. If you have a large group of groomsmen and they all have very different hobbies or interests, then Groomsmen Gift Source is a great place to start. You can search different categories for those that are harder to shop for as well. If they are all very different but you all share one thing in common, then that may be a great place to start. Maybe you all love to watch football, they have gifts related to sports, etc.

Attire for the Day (yours and theirs)

Your comfort throughout your big day is super important. There are so many details and aspects that go into not only your comfort but also your overall attire. Things such as your shoes, socks, tie or bowtie, cufflinks, and so much more. Your attire, your suit is something the groom can and should handle. Getting it fitted correctly, color choice to match the wedding theme, all of those are aspects that go into you looking and feeling your best. If you are uncomfortable in your tuxedo or suit because it does not fit correctly then you won’t feel your best throughout the day and that will show through your body language and into your pictures. This is why the groom needs to be in charge of his attire as well as his groomsmen. Talk with the bride, ensure you know what colors you need, and go from there. This is a great resource for you to use when it comes to picking out your attire and your groomsmen’s attire.


There isn’t much that needs to be planned for after the wedding other than the obvious honeymoon. This is definitely something that the groom can tackle. Picking the location is something that needs to be decided by both the groom and the bride. But the physical planning and making reservations can be done by the groom. This is a pretty simple task but ensuring your honeymoon is planned and everything is lined up will take a lot of stress off of both of you when your big day is over.

RSVP’s & Invites

A huge task that is involved in the wedding planning process are the RSVP’s and the invitations for your wedding. These tasks don’t typically take much thought or decision making, but that does not mean they are not hard work. There is a lot that goes into the RSVPs and the invitations. Trying to keep track of the RSVP’s and making a list of all of the people that said they were or aren’t going to be there can be time consuming. That is why it is a great task for the groom. There are resources out there such as Wedding Happy that help you keep an ongoing list of those that did RSVP, their plus one, and so on. This makes the process a little easier as well.

Guest List

The guest list is another huge part of the wedding planning. You and your bride need to create the list together, yes, however, you, as the groom, should be a part of the guest list creation, especially when it comes to your family and friends. Creating your own list separately will be a huge help when the actual planning and list creating process starts. Having your guests written down will then help when you both start your final guest list. Here is a List of Wedding Guest Book Alternatives for a Rustic Themed Wedding if you really want to get specific. It can be really difficult to decide who can or can’t come if you only have room for so many guests.

Wedding planning can be super stressful, especially without any help. This is why it is so important that both the bride and groom participate and help with the overall planning process. We hope you can use these tips and tricks for the groom to take over some of the wedding to-do list. From planning the honeymoon, keeping track of the RSVP’s, or the groomsmen’s gifts, there are plenty of things that the groom can do to ensure the bride isn’t overloaded with tasks.