Ideally nestled in the middle of Los Angeles, Taglyan Complex is a perfect place for your Southern California Hollywood Wedding Venue. The venue’s spectacular Grand Ballroom and the bewitching Courtyard and Gardens can elegantly stage the wedding that everyone desires. Aside from its picturesque landscapes and facilities, the venue advances when it comes to light and sound systems. Thus, it perfectly ensures everyone’s satisfaction and the success of your TAGLYAN COMPLEX Wedding.

The hotel proudly boasts its superb fountain that everyone loves.
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About the Taglyan Complex

Everything is worthwhile as you choose Taglyan Complex for your Wedding Planning in Los Angeles. Its superb and iconic locations make it a coveted place for elegant, grand weddings. The place boasts its majestic back-lit LED glass ceiling having the enormous size of 5,000 square feet. You can also take advantage of the venue’s astounding Foyer for your indoor wedding ceremony site or reception. And, of course, the venue proudly features its opulent Courtyard and Gardens that holds the record of hosting unrivaled, grand, and unique Los Angeles European Villa Garden Weddings. Its captivating lush green Italian-styled garden, magically beautified by vibrant LED lights and the pleasant view of cascading fountain water, makes a perfect backdrop for your romantic day and night TAGLYAN COMPLEX Wedding Photo ops.

Vibrant LED lights beautifying the fountain garden along with its cascading water.
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Wedding Experience at Taglyan Complex

The massive iron gate of this spectacular Taglyan Complex is a portal for the magical and serene European Villa. The mesmerizing view of the Italian cypress, sweeping magnolia, and olive trees, blended by the site’s classic street lamps, make everything ideal for planning a Jewish Wedding, Arabic Wedding or Bar and Bat Mitzvah at TAGLYAN COMPLEX. Glancing to right, you will behold the captivating Italian-inspired brick courtyard, grand two-tiered fountains featuring the gushing waters coming out of the adorable statues of fish and turtles. Furthermore, when you work with our Taglyan Complex Hollywood Wedding Planner, we are happy to assist you in this enchanting spot charmed by the blanket of white roses surrounding the fountain and the classic French Normandy-style situated across the street.

The venue also offers its fascinating upper patio showcasing a high-angle view of the courtyard that is perfect for the cocktail hour or ceremony site. The patio also has its dashing cherub fountain, two small adorable gardens, and luxurious marble pillars.

The gorgeous hotel fountain and garden that remains breathtaking day and night.
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The venue’s interior design screams luxury and splendor. For instance, it’s palatial, romantic Grand Foyer makes a perfect spot for your wedding. And then the place is embellished with various Italian marble floors. The first one symbolizing “eternity” which perfectly suits your special day. The place is bathed with magnificence as sunlight streams through the room’s tall, opulent green velvet windows and stained-glass high framed ceiling.  Everyone can have their intimate conversation from the venue’s flagstone patio, or savor the cozy feeling of seating on a couch in front of warm faux fireplaces.

One of the delectable menu that you can enjoy at Taglyan Complex.
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Wedding Planning for Couples Session at the Taglyan Complex

Aside from the venue’s blended classic and contemporary interior magnificence, it also provides astonishing picture-perfect outdoor sites for your photo ops. Our Los Angeles Hollywood Wedding Coordinator and photographer will guide you to coordinate your romantic couple’s session at Taglyan Complex. Take advantage of the magical verdant evergreen walls, the twilight scene by the Renaissance-inspired fountain, or the pleasant setting under the sunlight shaded by the magnolia tree groves.

Why not have this mouthwatering menu for your special event?
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Wedding Ceremonies at the Taglyan Complex

The complex’s Grand Foyer features its spreading marble floor, granite columns, and its opulent stained-glass. In like fashion, such embellishments create a perfect ambiance as you have your grand romantic wedding entrance. Of course, there will be a luxurious church that you can choose as your wedding ceremony site. But if you want something unique and remarkable, you can tie your knot before the majestic Foyer’s posh drapery and fabulous floor-to-ceiling windows.  

Taglyan Complex Wedding
The ever elegant and extravagant grand foyer at Taglyan Complex.
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Wedding Receptions at the Taglyan Complex

This food prepared by the hotel is not only delicious, but nutritious as well.
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The venue boasts it’s sumptuous and sublime 7,000 square feet wedding reception: Grand Ballroom. You and your guests can relish upon the cozy and glorious ambiance under the enormous stained-glass ceiling. So savor every moment as you dine, toast, and hit the dancefloor. The customizable color of the ceiling, reflected by the seven brilliant teardrop chandeliers, radiates a romantic, magical, and royal atmosphere. Of course, our Los Angeles Hollywood Wedding Planners & coordinators at Royce Weddings are happy to plan and celebrate your wedding day at Taglyan Complex.