Wedding Gown – sound like just a simple wedding detail, but plays a major role in every bride’s wedding dream! You are the spotlight of your big day. Thus, your big day outfit must be something unforgettable. Here are helpful tips from wedding experts in choosing your ideal wedding gown:

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Season & Location

It will be a great help to know first the season, time, and place of your planned wedding in choosing the best outfit. If you are planning for a daytime oceanfront ceremony, you can choose something with long trains and grand embellishments. And if you are planning to have a cathedral ceremony, it is not recommended to wear slip dresses or anything that appears as though you are going to a cocktail party. Depending on the fabrics, some can be used any time of the year, but some are seasonal. For Example, linen, and organdy are best for seasons with warm weather. On the other hand, the fabric types that are best for winter are velvet and brocade.

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Set a budget exclusively for your wedding gown. Then, let the salesperson know your budget, so she can bring out gowns that you can afford. In making your budget, consider having extra for the alterations to be made, shipping fees, and possibly, for the professional pressing or steaming upon arrival of the dress.

Shop Early

Do your shopping in advance like 6-9 months before the date. Depending on the complexity of the gown details, usually, it takes about 6 months to complete the dress including the alterations. But if you don’t have much time left, you can check on those stores that accept rush orders. But it will have an extra fee and limited choices. You can also check their samples on sale with minor alterations needed.


It’s best to do your research on bridal magazines, sites, and books so you’ll have ideas about fabrics and other gown details that you are looking for. You can collect photo inspirations and present them when you shop.

Plan Your Shopping

Note down all the stores you want and contact them to know the designers, prices, and other accessories they sell. You can even set an appointment if they require it. Don’t rush when shopping and don’t exhaust yourself by visiting all the stores in one day.

Bring Your Confidant

You may bring one or two of your trusted confidants to help you in choosing your wedding gown and accessories. It can be good to hear advice from someone you know your type, honest with you, and give the best judgments. 

Choose Budget Friendly Gowns

A perfect wedding gown doesn’t need to be too expensive. You can contact the stores for their sale racks, trunk shows, and the date of their big sales. 

Be Advisable

You can take into consideration the advice of bridal consultants even if their suggested dress is not your type. There are gowns that don’t look as great on the hanger as when you put it on. But still, in the end, purchase the gown you are in love with. 

Fit Not Size

Never order a gown that size smaller than your size just because you plan to lose weight. Order a gown that fits your current size. 

Note Down Every Detail

Make every detail and contract clear with your consultant before you deposit. Don’t forget to ask when the gown will be completed, alteration fees, cancellation policies, if it ships overseas, and warranties if ever the gown has defects. Then check again to make sure you got the correct manufacturer’s name, gown’s style number, size, and color.

Whichever gown you choose for your wedding, always remember that it’s your big day. With the help of the tips above, figure out the style you love, have a budget in mind, and take someone you trust to your appointment. No matter what gown you have your eyes set on, as long as your heart says “yes” to the dress and you love it, is what matters the most. It’s an important step for the perfect wedding day.

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