It’s always frustrating when you constantly have to fix your hair. No one wants to constantly check that their hair is perfectly in place when they’re trying to have fun, especially at their own wedding! As a professional wedding planner, here are 5 wedding hairstyles we curated that’ll keep your hair perfectly in place and have you worry-free.

  1. Messy Bun

Go for a classy yet messy bun with a dazzling display of hair accessories. A messy bun is perfect if you’re planning to dance all night. Even if a few strands fall loose here and there, it’ll just make your messy bun that much cuter. Also, with a messy bun, you’ll have the option of putting in hair accessories without overdoing your look.

Wedding Dance Hairstyle for Brides - Messy Bun


  1. Half-Up, Half-Down Twist

If you’re a bride that loves to show off your gorgeous locks, this is the look for you. A half-up half-down do is not only simple, it’s also elegant. By simply twisting a few strands of hair together and setting them in place with bobby pins, this quick look only takes seconds! Also, if you ever need to redo your look, taking a few seconds to re-pin your hair is an absolute time-saver!

Wedding Dance Hairstyle for Brides - Half Up, Half Down Twist


  1. Half-Up, Half-Down Braid

Giving your hair a little more style without worrying about hair accessories falling loose, a wrap-around braid is something you might consider.

Wedding Dance Hairstyle for Brides - Half Up, Half Down Braid


  1. Braided Messy Bun

Every bride deserves to feel like a fairytale princess for a day, especially on their wedding day! Go for a side braid that wraps around your head and ties into a lovely messy bun. Complete your hairdo with an addition of flowers to truly make your fairytale wedding pop!

Wedding Dance Hairstyle for Brides - Braided Messy Bun


  1. Ponytail Braid

Show off that luxurious wedding dress of yours by putting your hair into a ponytail! By doing so, you’ll be able to showcase the intricate detailings of the back and the front of your dress! If a ponytail is too simple for you, lace in a fishtail braid with your ponytail to give it an extra flare without taking the attention away from your outfit.

Wedding Dance Hairstyle for Brides- Ponytail Braid


Still can’t come up with a decision? Why not ask an expert wedding planner to help you? Feel free to contact our professional wedding planning team, and we will handle not just your wedding hairstyle details, but every step of your wedding planning process.


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