Whether you decide on wearing a veil or not on your big day; it can be difficult to choose one especially when you don’t even know where to start. This helpful guide will help you decide on the perfect veil to go with your dream wedding dress!

Veil Lengths

Shoulder Length

20 Inches

*Blushers can be incorporated with other veil lengths


Elbow Length

25 Inches

An easy and wearable length for any bride


Fingertip Length

38 Inches

Just as the name says it, the veil reaches to the fingertips


Waltz Length

72 Inches

Graceful length like its name and it’s a popular veil length for any wedding dress


Chapel Length

90 Inches

Gives a slight trail that’s pretty walkalbe and is typically a little longer than your train


Cathedral Length

108 Inches

As long as the bride wants; for a glamorous and elegant look


Veil Fabrics

  • Majority of wedding veils are made of tulle
  • Make sure the harmony between your wedding dress and veil are cohesive
  • Texture of the veil should be in harmony with the finishing of your dress to create a more uniform style
  • For lace or embellished dresses, look for a veil to compliment those elements