Placecard holders are always a must at wedding receptions. They provide a simple way for guests to find out which tables they’re seated at. Placecards come in all unique shapes and sizes, which is why there are tons of creative ideas to enhance your wedding reception. Here are 5 ideas fit for your themed wedding:

top creative escort card ideas

Why not combine a bit of the cocktail hour with the wedding reception? Have your guests enjoy searching for their seats by rewarding them with a shot of alcohol. This placecard holder idea can be transformed to fit any themed wedding. Fill shots of tequila for a rustic wedding look or have champagne glasses to compliment an elegant fairytale- styled wedding.

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place card holder idea

This unique placecard idea is perfect for a classically themed wedding reception. Nothing could be fancier than having your guests name cards served on a silver platter. In addition to finding out where they’ll be seated, guests can snack on  delectable desserts while waiting to be served their meal.

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place card idea 2

This wedding name card idea is gorgeous for an enchanted fairyland reception. Adorned with flowers, this clothesline inspired idea is not only cute, but also fun for guests to unpin their cards and search for their seats.

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creative place card idea 3

Want a 2-for-1? This wedding table card idea is not only cute, but it can also act as a wedding favor. Talk about a money- saver! Fill little jars with cute tiny succulents and tie it off with your guests’ names and the table they’re seated at. This idea will match perfectly with your rustic wedding reception.

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Ocean themed place card idea

Looking for the perfect place-card holder idea for your beach-styled wedding? Look no further. This starfish or seashell in the sand idea is a no-brainer. Tie your guests’ name cards to a starfish or write them onto a seashell and place them atop layer of sand and voila! A unique idea that fits seamlessly with your beach wedding reception.

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Still can’t decide which place card style will perfectly match your wedding theme? Our professional wedding planner team will guide you in realizing the design you’ve been dreaming of. Feel free to contact our wedding planning team, and we will handle not just your wedding place cards, but every step of your wedding planning process.


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