5 Unique Wedding Favors Guests Will Love


Everyone loves gifts! That’s why considering what you’ll give your guests is an important topic to think about. Here are 5 unique wedding favors that’ll show your guests you appreciate their love and support and thank them for attending your wedding celebration.

wedding favors guests will love

Succulents are the perfect favors for guests attending a rustic wedding. Simple and easy to create, this little treasure will last a lifetime.

Unique wedding favors

A cute and pun- filled wedding favor is definitely the way to go. Not only will this gift keep all your guests’ breath fresh as a mint, it compliments a fairytale-themed wedding magnificently.

creative holiday wedding favors

Celebrating a winter wonderland wedding? This unique wedding favor is perfect for the upcoming holidays. Present guests with holiday decorations and everyone will remember attending your wedding when they hang their ornaments up.

wedding favors guests will love

Don’t have your guests struggle to see you during your wedding ceremony! Provide them with cool sunglasses as wedding favors to use during the day. During the ceremony, when the sun is at full strength, guests can use the sunglasses to see the happy couple without straining themselves. Also, if your wedding reception is outdoors, sunglasses come in handy when that gorgeous sunset comes along.

wedding favors