Want something that’s totally unique for your wedding day? Why not design an attention- grabbing wedding cake that will have your guests lining up for a taste? One of the hottest trends for wedding cakes this year is something called a naked cake. A naked cake basically excludes frosting on the outside and exposes the deliciousness of the wedding cake itself.

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Fairytale Wedding Theme:

A naked wedding cake is perfect for a pink fairytale wedding theme. Sprinkle powdered sugar around your wedding cake and decorate your cake with flowers, embellishments, or even cake toppers!

Rustic Wedding Theme:

Honestly, I believe naked wedding cakes are a perfect match for rustic weddings. Not only are naked wedding cakes the hottest trend right now, it’s also a cake that defines what a rustic wedding should have. Without a layer of frosting surrounding your wedding cake and exposing the outer layer of it, this makes for the ultimate tan-colored wedding scheme that a rustic wedding is nothing without.

White Wedding Theme:

Usually, white weddings are fantastically elegant. Everything is timeless and gorgeously classic. However, with this theme, there needs to be a pop of color. Nothing is more eye-catching than a naked wedding cake with a twist. You can design a naked wedding cake surrounded by delicious drizzling syrup. With this attention-getter, guests will be pleasantly surprised to gaze upon a sight that is modern and also trendy.

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